Cutting The Cord For A Wireless Audio Work Environment

Music in the office is a must for me and recently I went from having a rather extravagant distributed audio system at the workplace, to a new company where we don’t have such a luxury, and honestly, I miss that experience. The ability to pick and choose genres and distribute it to different areas, really made things quite enjoyable in an office environment; my co-workers seemed to be more productive when music was on than not. In most offices, people typically play music right out of their computer speakers, bluetooth speakers, smartphones or tablets, etc. When you sit in the middle of that and combine it with phones ringing and inter-office banter at your business, it’s easy to get distracted by what others may be doing, saying, and/or what they are listening to. For me, I use a few different sets of wired, in-ear headphones when I want to block out distractions and focus on my tasks and goals.

I strongly prefer wired headphones over wireless any-day of the week, but sometimes wire length can restrict my reach on my desk or often get in the way of what I’m doing. Having to constantly stop or pause the music to move over a few inches and or get up really slows down the flow and decreases productivity. The following are the top three wireless headphone options I’m considering on purchasing next as my daily driver at work to eliminate my roadblocks, and giving me back that luxurious mobility of wireless sound:

  1. Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise canceling wireless headphones: B&W’s new PX (MSRP $399) combines incredible sound with adaptable noise cancellation, has an impressive 22-hour battery life and intuitive controls that respond naturally to your behavior. Put them on, turn them on. Lift an ear-cup to talk, or hand it around your neck, and PX pauses so you can talk. They come equipped with aptX HD bluetooth (The latest bluetooth technology, for high definition, 24 bit resolution wireless streaming. PX also digitally upsamples the incoming audio signal to 768kHz, further enhancing the acoustical detail. Another reason I’m really considering these, aside being made by B&W, is that PX’s active noise canceling signal has been painstakingly refined to block out ambient sounds without effecting the listening experience, by reducing noise but still keeping me aware of whats around me.
  2. Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay H9i: B&O has always been one of my favorite brands, not only in quality audio, but also in design & style. Their H9i (MSRP $499) wireless headphones combine ANC, wireless, an innovative aluminum touch interface and Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, all into their latest audio fashion lifestyle accessory. They are extremely comfortable to wear, look and feel to be made on top-notch quality materials, and definitely delivery a premium listening experience. They carry up to 18 hours of wireless playback, and have a rechargeable & exchangeable battery.
  3. Master & Dynamic’s MW60: The MW60 (MSRP $549) has six different finish options, look ultra modern,  modern, are designed for decades of use and are built with only the finest materials and tuned to provide a rich, warm sound. The battery life is only 16 hours in comparison to it’s competitors, but include a 4x industry average signal range, and use premium materials like heavy grain premium leather headband exterior, lambskin on the interior of the headband, as well as the ear-pads.
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I’ve only chosen from the three above over-ear solutions, as to get the best noise cancelation possible, and a better fit  and comfort for long term use. While my tastes may not be the same as yours, I’d love for you to share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments section so we can compare notes.