CTOUCH Introduces New Collaboration Solutions


CTOUCH just introduced two new collaboration solutions to the corporate market, the CTOUCH For Teams Go and For Teams Talk. Both solutions bring interactivity and engagement into offices spaces, meeting rooms and board rooms.

CTOUCH For Teams Go and CTOUCH For Teams Talk is for companies that are using Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams environment in their office spaces. With CTOUCH For Teams Go, you stay connected with colleagues and collaborate simultaneously on a digital whiteboard or in Office 365 documents. Need videoconferencing functionality as well? With CTOUCH For Teams Talk you have it all. People working from home can see everyone in the meeting room, while everyone in the office can see the remote workers on the big screen. CTOUCH For Teams solutions are efficient, secure and full of engagement.

Here are the details: www.ctouch.eu