Crestron’s Go Green Initiative Aims to Help Integrators Program Eco-Friendly Systems


Started in 2006, Crestron’s Green initiative is interesting as it morphed into a program that’s educating programmers on how to design and program better eco-friendly systems. They do this with two green-oriented features:

  • Eco-Manor: This is a programming tool that is used to educate homeowners, homebuilders and integrators on how to be green. It monitors systems such as electricity, geo-thermal energy, and water, and also displaying current energy usage, energy and water flows, total consumption, money spent and return on investment figures in real-time on a touch panel.
  • GreenLight: GreenLight is basically a fancy way of saying that their control systems can provide environmental management and control to conserve energy and lower costs.

Many say both of these are just hype and not really separate initiatives, but, the fact is, Crestron has a green initiative and that’s more than many AV manufacturers in both the Home and Pro markets can say. Crestron’s Go Green is here.