Crestron’s New Commercial Lighting Control Plan

spacebuilder-0415Crestron is changing the way lighting control systems are designed, specified, and installed with the new SpaceBuilder design-based solutions. Crestron says its SpaceBuilder is the fastest way to design, install and start up commercial lighting controls for any size building or system.

According to Crestron, the advantages of a SpaceBuilder system include:

  • Faster quotes
  • Faster submittals
  • Comprehensive packaging and streamlined delivery system
  • Simplified wiring and installation
  • Fewer components and logistics
  • Pre-programmed operations
  • Faster commissioning and start up
  • Seamless networking

With SpaceBuilder, lighting controls are designed on a space-first basis, reducing the complexity of building-first designs and saving time and money every step of the way. An online system filter helps even the novice designer to select the optimal Crestron system for their application. The accompanying automated configuration worksheets help to quickly complete the system design for a single space-type and can easily be copied for other similar spaces in the building. Designers no longer need to worry about knowing the product model numbers or technology specifications. All they need to know are the lighting requirements for the specific space.

In addition to improving efficiencies for the design community, SpaceBuilder simplifies the delivery and installation process for the contractor. Rather than searching through pallets of dimmers, sensors and keypads in a remote staging area, installers get one box for each room that contains all the components, technical information and wiring diagrams needed to complete the installation.

After installation, the contractor energizes the system and it immediately functions. Every Space Builder system arrives in its own box pre-programmed during production. It’s not necessary for a field tech or programmer to visit the site to program the system.

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When it’s time to start up an entire building, SpaceBuilder systems network together seamlessly for master control, integrating with building management systems or property management systems. Organizations can also monitor and manage AV equipment, room scheduling, lighting, shades, climate and energy consumption from a single platform with Crestron Fusion enterprise management software.

Here are all the details.