Crestron Ships TSW Screens

tsw-0514Crestron announced today that it’s started shipping the TSW touch screens in the form of the TSW-552, TSW-752 and TSW-1052. The TSW family is integrated with what Crestron is calling Smart Graphics technology — basically saying that it’s bright, offers capacitive touch and can handle H.264 streaming.

One unique feature is that instead of navigating menus and scrolling through lists, customers can now just “tell” their Crestron control systems what they want to do. The new TSWs provide the ability to use voice commands to control virtually anything — from playing a song, to raising the shades, to locking the doors. With support for more than 25 different languages and dialects, the new TSW touch screens can be programmed to accommodate everyone who may need to control the system, including homeowners, guests and service staff. To watch the big game, all a customer has to do is press the Voice Recognition button on her new TSW and say “Watch ESPN” and Crestron does the rest.

The TSW also has built-in web browsing, email and, of course, it connects to a Crestron control system and controls AV gear.

Here are all the specs.