Crestron Takes Aim at QSC With New VC-4 Virtual Control System

Crestron virtual control
Crestron announced the expansion of their room control portfolio with key enhancements to Crestron VC-4 Virtual Control. VC-4 is a scalable software control platform while maintaining support for existing hardware-based solutions. Capable of supporting up to 500 spaces on a single server, VC-4 enables mass deployment of customized or standardized configurations to save time and labor costs while increasing the overall control platform lifecycle.
Crestron says the VC-4 software-based solution will accelerate deployment for rooms as it enables IT specialists to design and configure a room’s UC, AV and control solutions. Specialists can also ave those configurations and automate them. This cuts down on labor costs for common applications. Since it is integrated with standard programming languages, including C# for IT and SIMPL for AV professionals, it won’t require any new training to execute.

Native SIMPL integration brings parity to the thousands of certified Crestron programmers. It works in conjunction with broader Crestron ecosystems like Flex Digital Workplace Technology and DigitalMedia Content Distribution to provide an integrated user experience. VC-4 also comes equipped with the XiO Cloud Technology Operations Management platform, providing device lifecycles management, control and remote support to maintain operational standards.

VC-4 also enables IT teams to leverage existing IT infrastructure for redundancy and fault tolerance. As an on-premises solution, it supports enterprise-grade security protocols. All functionality on VC-4 is executed from the server and not in the public cloud, which enables local data storage and greater control over security patches and server maintenance with cloud-based firmware updates as well.VC-4 is available at At $1000 per room.

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