Crestron Ships New Universal Dimmer Modules for Lighting

crestron-dimmer-0215Crestron’s new universal dimmer modules (CLX-1DIMU4 and CLX-2DIMU8) that are designed to provide 4 or 8 channels of universal dimming for LED, electronic and magnetic low-voltage, incandescent, and 2-wire dimmable fluorescent lighting loads are now shipping. They include forward and reverse phase dimming as well.

The universal dimmer modules eliminate the need to spec different dimmers for different fixtures and loads thus, less wiring, less components, and less time testing and commissioning lighting systems. Integrators can populate Crestron CAENcabinets with multiple Universal Dimmers Modules for large systems.

A single 120 Volt feed powers each module. Every channel is rated 480W (4A) for 1920W (16A) total. Air-gap relays are provided on every channel output, allowing individual circuits to be serviced without disabling the entire module. Crestron Universal Dimmers are convection cooled and CEC Title 24 compliant.

The CLX-1DIMU4 is here and the CLX-2DIMU8 is here.