Crestron Ships New QuickMedia Transmitters

crestron QM TX2 MC Back 0609

The latest additions to the QM line of transmitters come in a variety of form factors, including portable/rack-mountable, wall and floor mount. A key new feature is a built-in Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) chip, which supports the entire computer graphics VESA standard. Other common features include built-in signal sensing on each input, to trigger automatic input selection and other operations, such as device power control. A single IR output port enables programmable control of a local DVD player, multimedia computer or other IR-controllable AV device.

•    The QM-TX2-MC and QM-TX2-CC both have built-in 2×1 switchers. Local switching control can be achieved via the front panel, no programming required. The QM-TX2-MC has RGB and video (composite, s-video, or component) inputs; the QM-TX2-CC has two RGB inputs.

•    The QM-WMC-VCC (with a built-in 3×1 switcher) and QM-WCC-2 (with a built-in 2×1 switcher) are wall plate models that fit in standard 2-gang electrical boxes using a Decora style faceplate (not supplied). Both include audio breakaway, to allow the audio inputs to be switched independently of or linked to their corresponding video/RGB inputs. Buffered monitor pass-thru connectors are also provided.

•    The QM-WMC-VCC has individual video inputs for composite, component, and RGB signals, each with corresponding stereo audio, to accept connections from portable AV devices and computers. The QM-WCC-2 has dual RGB and stereo audio inputs to support two separate computers or other RGB sources.

•    Both the QM-WCC-1 (wall mount) and QM-FBCC-1 (floor mount) have a single RGB input with stereo audio to connect with a computer or other RGB source.

•    The QM-FBCC-1 has the smallest form factor in the QM transmitter line. It installs cleanly in a Hubbell SystemOne floor box or poke-through using their Style Line Sub-plate and Universal Cover. Its slim dimensions and standard screw spacing may also make it suitable for use with a variety of other floor box systems.

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For more information about Crestron QM-TX2-MC, QM-TX2-CC, QM-WMC-VCC, QM-WCC-2, QM-WCC-1, and QM-FBCC1, visit here.