Crestron Ships 8-Channel Lighting Control Module

Crestron lighting controller 0410

Crestron unveiled the DIN-8SW8-I, an 8-channel Crestron-lighting-controller-0410lighting control module designed to support switching of non-dimmable lighting and fans. Part of the DIN Rail range of Modules to provide a professional-style lighting solution in a compact design, the DIN-8SW8-I features 8 digital inputs which allows standard momentary switches to trigger events with or without a control system. Each channel supports up to 16 amps resistive, 10 amps incandescent, 5 amps of fluorescent or 1/2 HP motors, with local front control of each switching leg and local override input for emergency backup.

Providing eight isolated local inputs, momentary push button keypads can be used and, according to Crestron, long cable runs are possible. By default, a momentary voltage applied on each input will cause the associated relay to toggle on and off. In addition, the attached Crestron control system can override this behavior to create 8 general-purpose inputs. In this mode, push button keypads can be programmed to provide customized functionality.
The DIN-8SW8-I is designed to snap onto a standard DIN rail for installation in a wall mount enclosure. Wiring connections are made using screw terminals positioned along the top and bottom, clearly accessible from the front for easy installation and servicing. All setup controls and indicators are positioned on the centre front panel. When installed in an enclosure utilizing 45 mm cutouts, the front panel stays accessible but connections are concealed.

Replacing the CH-HR108-DR, the DIN-8SW8-I is shipping now with a special out-of-the-box function and can be sold as a pre-wired solution or in wire homes and apartments sold as home automation-ready.  You can see all the specs at: