Crestron Shipping Wireless Horizon EX Keypads and Dimmers

Crestron is shipping its wireless Horizon EX keypads and dimmers. Featuring matching dimmers and keypads, the new line of wall-box controllers provides a custom control solution as part of a complete Crestron smart home. Horizon EX universal dimmers have no minimum load requirement and can do LED dimming.

Featuring what Crestron calls a “designer aesthetic,” Horizon EX is available in black, white and almond with highly configurable one-, two-, three- or four-gang boxes. It also features wireless communications, four different button styles, and interchangeable custom top and bottom trim pieces to suit any decor.

For readability under any lighting conditions, every model in the Horizon EX line includes multicolor backlighting that illuminates the high-quality laser engraved text on the buttons. If desired, when the button is pressed it can glow up to two to three times brighter than the inactive buttons. And each button can be programmed to glow in any color.

With built-in Crestron infiNET EX wireless mesh technology, Horizon EX dimmers and keypads can transmit and receive commands and integrate with lighting, shades, HVAC, security and AV — learn more about the Horizon EX here.