Crestron Replaces TPS-6X with TST-600 Wireless Touch Panel; But is an iPad Mini Good Enough?

tst 600 0513

TST-600 Wireless Touch PanelYesterday Crestron intro’d the TST-600 wireless touch screen (replacing the TPS-6X touch screen) — a 5.7″ capacitive touch screen with dual-mode RF/Wi-Fi wireless, integrated Rava SIP Intercom and a lithium ion battery. It’s capable of streaming H.264 video. Apparently, the TST-600 is compatible with older TPS docking stations, wireless gateways and other accessories.

In addition to the touch screen, the TST-600 features illuminated pushbuttons for programming macros like volume adjustment, channel selection and on-screen menu navigation functions. Eight additional pushbuttons located along the edges of the screen support additional programmable functions for virtually infinite custom possibilities. The integration of Rava SIP Intercom technology allows the touch panel to do hands-free full-duplex VoIP communication between any two Rava-enabled Crestron touch screens and third-party door stations.

Many reading this would just say, “Hey, why not just use an iPan Mini?” Well, having the side illuminated pushbuttons are key, in our opinion, to differentiate this panel from just using a Samsung or Apple tablet. Price-wise, the tablets are significantly cheaper. But, they don’t offer the pushbutton macro-functionality. So, this sort of touch panel is definitely still viable in the AV market.

Full specs and details here: