Crestron Releases DM NAX AoIP Amplifier to Residential Market

dxCrestron announced the Creston DM NAX distributed Audio-over-IP (AoIP) amplifier is shipping. This all-in-one AoIP solution is aimed at the residential market. The DM NAX allows a homeowner to toggle between TV audio, streaming music, podcasts, alarms, doorbells and even paging and intercom usage to any speaker in the house.

Dealers who have worked with Crestron’s DM NVX products will find familiarity in DM NAX. DM NAX provides the ability to scale to 256 stereo zones and is interoperable with AES67 and Dante audio networking. It requires no custom network architecture or hardware.

Beyond native integration of music streaming services like Pandora, Internet Radio and many more to come, DM NAX will allow for selectable speaker profiles throughout the house. This feature will automatically optimize output on a speaker-by-speaker basis as integrators test settings in each environment throughout the space.

Other features include the choice of up to forty built-in chimes for alerts like doorbells and door openings, with the ability to customize new alert chimes coming soon. The unit is power efficient and operates at low idle power even in “Always On” mode.

Homeowners will be able to control their audio with the Crestron Home or Crestron One App and will be able to add streaming services as the list of native integrations expands. SiriusXM, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Amazon Connected Speakers and iHeartRadio services are expected to be available soon. Amazon Music, Deezer, Quboz and TIDAL services are slated for later in 2021. These and other firmware updates will occur remotely through the cloud, saving time and troubleshooting for dealers.