Crestron Says It’s Sped Up the Response of Touch Screens With the New TSW Series

tsw-x60_series_hero_commercial_pr-1116Crestron is now shipping the new generation of TSW touch screens, which the company says has faster touch response. The TSW-560, TSW-760 and TSW 1060 are available at the same pricing as the prior generation.

New TSW touch screen features include a faster processor, a higher level of network security (enterprise-grade) including 802.1X, TLS, FIPS-140-2, SSH and SFTP, they use backlit capacitive buttons as well as an ambient light sensor and they have a built-in PinPoint proximity beacon. In upgrading such an important and popular product line, Crestron says they took special care not to make any changes that disrupt how integrators install and commission TSWs. The styling and colors remain the same, as does power via PoE and easy mounting options.

Here are the specifics.