Crestron Rolls Out New Features to the XiO Cloud

Crestron has debuted new features in the latest version of Crestron XiO Cloud. Crestron XiO Cloud supports a direct device-to-cloud connection via an Azure IoT Hub, with no additional hardware. You register your devices at the time of purchase and everything needed to manage your devices is available in the cloud portal. Azure services provide unlimited scalability, unlike other virtual machine-based cloud solutions.Crestron XiO Cloud requires no special ports or permissions and enables bi-directional communication between devices in real-time.

New features:

  • Crestron XiO Cloud now enables managers to remotely view and control Crestron touch screens (TSW and TSS), making technical support faster and simpler
  • A new API enables managers to pull data by connecting Crestron XiO Cloud to business intelligence platforms via cloud-to-cloud connections
  • The new Developer Kit enables third-party technology manufacturers to integrate their devices
    with Crestron XiO Cloud, so they can be managed like Crestron devices

Built on the Azure IoT Hub, Crestron XiO Cloud enables organizations to simultaneously configure and deploy an unlimited number of Crestron products, thereby reducing installation time by up to 90 percent. Technology managers can then monitor and manage all devices from Crestron XiO Cloud, proactively resolve events remotely to prevent lost work time and gather actionable usage data.

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