Is Attending Crestron Masters Worth It?

Crestron Masters is an annual event for premier programmers and dealers. By premier programmers, I mean programmers who have cleared all 3 levels of CTI training and may not have any more programming training available. Perks of being a premier programmer include being on the front lines to getting prestigious projects and no doubts, your experience will be top notch. It used to be an invitation-only event but starting this year, they have included a petite registration fee, so perhaps the crowd can be narrowed down to the committed ones.

But why make the yearly pilgrimage to a Masters event? Well, Masters gives you a sneak peek into Crestron’s future and latest developments which is otherwise off limits to everyone else — who would want to miss out on that!? The event is held in the U.S. in April and Europe in May. Last year’s event in the U.S., the one I attended, had a total of 1,200 participants from all over the globe. It was a three-day event with multiple courses on various technologies, a hackathon competition, fun time at the night club and food and refreshments each day.

The intention of this post is to encourage you to attend Crestron Masters, once you are a qualified premier programmer or if you are an existing dealer.   

My road to becoming a premier programmer started almost six years ago. After attending 301 from Crestron Middle East, I was eligible for Masters. But I had to clear the exam first and it took a while since I had to juggle work and career expectations. Attending Masters all the way from India was the last thing on my mind, but I finally had to attend it last year to stay updated and I didn’t regret any bit of it. I was expecting an event where individual involvement and interaction would be a little less but it was rather a very intensive one and by the end I had an information overload, which is always a plus!!

Here are my reasons to make it to the Masters:
  • It makes you current and relevant 

Technology is moving at an unstoppable pace and what you learned three years back is not going to help you. Attending a Masters event shows that you are well aware and updated in what you know. You can get your company moving in the right direction, starting now, by attending this year’s event.

  • Networking with peers

This event brings like-minded people from different parts of the world. Being in Masters has helped me, first, to network and establish connections with peers and second, to discuss technical problems that I face and take back unique and diverse solutions.

  • Prioritise your purpose

Being a programmer is my primary purpose, no matter what hats I put on daily. So for me, it only fits in to put aside three days in a year and focus on my primary role as it actually helps me to get deep on why I love programming.

So to conclude, plan up your journey by putting aside your appointments for this year and make your masters event count. Your career is worth it!

*DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not in paid partnership with Crestron but is totally my personal view on Crestron Masters.

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