Crestron Launches 6-Inch Touch Panel Aimed at Hospitality Market

Last week, Crestron announced the release of the TPS-6XNLcrestron-TPS-6XNL-0210 6-inch wireless touch panel, a non-locking version of the TPS-6X. Just like the TPS-6X, it’s a tabletop and portable touch panel, but Crestron says what makes the 6XNL different is there is no latching hardware, making it very simple to dock and undock.

While docked, the TPS-6XNL is a wired Cresnet or Ethernet-connected panel with full-motion video display, but off the dock, the panel automatically switches to a wireless RF device. TPS-6XNL includes two-way RF communication up to 200 feet and 1-way IR. Sitting on the docking station, the TPS-6X is recharging its battery and communicating as a wired touch panel via Ethernet or Cresnet and the Ethernet connection (802.15.4) enables full motion video display in a scalable or full-size window.

To see all the TPS-6XNL’s specs, go to: