Crestron Just Launched the Best Looking Handheld Remote, Ever, for Home Control

Crestron just announced the introduction of the HR-310 Handheld Remote and TSR-310 Handheld Touch Screen Remote. They combine all the elements of the previous generation of Crestron remotes with a much better ergonomic design, button feel, voice control, custom engravable buttons, movement sensor, profiles settings, multi-color buttons and more.

The HR-301 features: backlit tactile buttons; long battery life utilizing standard AAA batteries; nine custom engravable buttons to display the most frequently used functions; and ultra-reliable Crestron infiNET EX wireless gateway.

The TSR-310 features: a built-in 3″ touch screen display; stunning resolution; a rechargeable battery that lasts three to four days between charges; incredible processing power; Wi-Fi connectivity for high-bandwidth communications; voice control; and an elegant, discreet charging station.

The new Crestron HR-310 and TSR-310 handheld remotes are here.