Crestron Expands DigitalMedia 4K Lineup with Introduction of Copper Input Blade and HDMI Output Blade

crestronexpandsdigitalmedia-0903Crestron has expanded its DigitalMedia solutions with the introduction of two new blades designed to enable Crestron DM-MD64X64 or DM-MD128X128 switchers to deliver 4K and Ultra HD video. Each blade provides eight inputs or outputs and adds support for HDCP 2.2.

Now shipping, the new 8-Channel 4K HDMI Input Blade for DM switchers (DMB-4K-I-C) provides eight DM inputs, and Crestron claims that it supports any resolution up to 4K and Ultra HD video. The DMB-4K-I-C input blade and the 8-Channel HDBaseT 4K DigitalMedia Output Blade (DMB-4K-O-C) are compatible with the PoDM (Power over DM) redundant power supply (DM-PSU-3X8-RPS). Each power supply can drive up to three blades.

The DMB-4K-O-HD output blade provides eight independent HDMI outputs and Crestron says it’s designed for 4K/60 scaling and audio extracting capabilities. Each output can be individually scaled and audio extracting enables the audio to de-embed from the HDMI video and transmit the digital audio to powered speakers, amplifiers, and other audio components.

Here are all the specs.