Crestron Electronics Introduces Crestron Construct Software

Crestron Construct Software
Crestron Electronics introduced Crestron Construct software, an HTML5-based user interface (UI) editing tool for Crestron Control devices.
The core feature of the Crestron Construct UI editor is a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop visual editor that enables organizations to swiftly customize their Crestron Control device interfaces to meet their functional and aesthetic needs without requiring in-depth coding skills. The dynamic UI from Crestron Construct builds interfaces that are customizable and can vary in size, orientation and image output. A UI can be built once and then easily deployed to any number of Crestron Control devices without changing the layout, mitigating programming complexity and providing a consistent user experience. The result is a  control interface that streamlines deployment across commercial applications while “optimizing the Crestron experience in each meeting room location.”
The Crestron Construct UI editing tool is the first Crestron tool for HTML5-based UI design, and it offers improvements on previous Crestron UI design tools like dynamic editing UI, multi-resolution support, cross-OS compatibility and a plugin architecture to provide a platform for all future development software. Crestron claims these features allow businesses to create a UI design once and use it in multiple applications without reconfiguring or reprogramming anything. Users can also migrate existing projects from VT Pro-e software to Crestron Construct.
Crestron has TSW-x70 series touch screens, the added HTML5 support to interface products, including the Crestron One mobile room control app and the next-generation digital graphic engine.