New Crestron DigitalMedia Keystone Patch Panel Debuts

a-DM-CONN-ULTRA-RECP-0616Crestron announced today it is now shipping its new 24-Port Keystone Patch Panel (DM-RPP-K24), DigitalMedia ULTRA RJ 45 Keystone Jacks (DM-CONN-ULTRA-RECP) and pre-terminated DigitalMedia CAT6A cables in various lengths (DM-CBL-ULTRA-PC).

Now, with color coded (blue for DM) keystone jacks in wall plates in the rooms, and in patch panels in the equipment room, field cables never need to be touched once they’re installed. All the field cabling is installed, crimped to the keystone jacks at each end, labeled, and tested in advance. Then, the AV gear in the rack simply plugs into the appropriate keystone jack in the patch panel using the pre-terminated DM ULTRA patch cables. There’s no huge bundle of cables dropped from the ceiling and every jack is easily identified, so there’s no fumbling through dozens or hundreds of loose wires; and no reaching deep into the AV rack and trying to connect in tight spaces. The rack is clean and easily accessible. The drops in the room are secure and convenient. If hardware needs to change, only the patch cable is unplugged.

No more terminating male connectors in the field, the new pre-terminated RJ45 male patch cables are available in various lengths: 1.5, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 50 feet. DM ULTRA RJ45 keystone female jacks are available in a box of either 20 or 50 – each includes one crimping tool. Terminating field cables using the new tool is extremely easy, and is typically done in less than one minute.

The new Crestron DigitalMedia ULTRA cables, connectors, patch panels and wall plates provide enterprise-grade signal routing and performance that exceed 4K/60 4:4:4 up to 100 meters. All cables are fully shielded and CAT6A compliant. The DM ULTRA keystone jacks can be used with off-the-shelf wall plates, panels, and back boxes.

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Here are the details.