Crestron Ships Audio Streaming Box for the Home

crestron-air-0614Crestron announced its new Network Stream Player (CEN-NSP-1), designed to provide both wired and wireless options for streaming music from iPod, iPhone or iPad to a Crestron audio distribution system. Anyone in the home can access all her iTunes music. Basically, this is a fancy version of an Airport Express — integrating Apple Airplay (for audio-only) into a Crestron control system.

As everyone who uses Apple likely knows, AirPlay creates a dedicated network to stream audio. When integrated with a whole house audio system, such as the Crestron Sonnex, the family member can use the Crestron app on her device (or a Crestron touch screen) to direct that music to any room or every room in the house.

The Network Stream Player will natively stream Internet radio sources — so the tunes don’t stop every time the phone rings. This feature will be available soon, requiring a remote firmware upgrade as sources become available. The Network Stream Player does not require programming or GUI design work required. Once the firmware is upgraded by the Crestron dealer, homeowners can sign into their accounts as they normally do to activate the new services — right from the touch screen. Crestron will update dealers and their customers as subscription services become available.

The Network Stream Player is shipping now. Here are all the specs.