Crestron Announces Modern Work Summit 2023 for a ‘More Dynamic Digital Workplace’

crestron modern work summit

Crestron Electronics is taking the Modern Work Summit to Madrid following the success of the inaugural event in Orlando last year. Modern Work Summit 2023 is a two-day, in-person event centered around companies’ journeys toward a dynamic, digital workplace. The summit aims to inspire Digital Workplace specialists, IT Managers, facilities representatives, and HR leaders to proactively rethink the modern workplace and will cover the cultural shifts and realignments of today’s organizational climate. Notable speakers will highlight how the physical workspace is being repurposed and redesigned and reveal the technological factors pivotal in transforming how we work.

Modern practices centered around flexible work patterns and digital technologies are changing decisively from first movers in business to the mainstream. Early experiments and iterative explorations of hybrid work are being replaced by broader adoption and implementations as employers work on developing standard practices. Recent research by Crestron’s latest report, “Tackling the Modern Workplace by the Numbers,” shows that 84% of employees regularly have at least one remote participant in their meetings. The dynamic of a meeting changes as it becomes hybrid, and trends like these are accelerating the need for decisive strategies that foster productivity and collaboration.

Keynote speakers, author Andreas Ekstrom and futurist Philip Ross will kick off the discussions, and representatives from Microsoft, Intel, Gensler, Jabra, Accenture, and Wainhouse Research will also present their latest findings and learnings. During his session, Ross will outline a manifesto for “unworking” — unlearning old habits and rituals established for an outdated office and creating new ones fit for an age of digital technology, design innovation, and diverse workforces. Ekstrom is a Swedish journalist and author with unequivocal and compelling ideas on how to organize changes for the future of the workplace. His keynote will discuss the balance between liberty and control, independence, and detailed coaching.

“How do we make decisions in the digital workplace? How are we inventing a new idea of collective work while not being together in the same room? These are the most difficult challenges for the digital decade and the Modern Work Summit will be a fantastic forum for our presenters and attendees to think forward on how to address these challenges.,” says Andreas Ekstrom. “During the Modern Work Summit, I’ll challenge the attendees to think, analyze, and reconfigure the skills they already have.”

The Modern Work Summit 2023 is organized with the support of industry partners New Wave Workspace, Steelcase, Sony and Sennheiser, and will take place in Madrid, Spain, on May 23 and 24 at the Madrid Marriot Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center, in parallel with Crestron Masters. Register today to receive the early bird discount before it ends on February 28th. Visit for more information and to receive updates on the program.