Crestron Adds Modular Amplifiers and Loudspeakers to Its Enterprise Audio Solutions

Crestron announced today it has expanded its enterprise audio solutions with two new modular amplifiers, the AMP-225 and AMP-150-70 and its new line of Vector loudspeakers for large commercial spaces.

The AMP-225 (two channels @ 25 watts each 8 ohm) and AMP-150-70 (one channel @ 50W 70V) have EnergyStar certification, built-in fault protection, and modular construction. Using a slide-rail design and measuring a quarter-rack size, multiple units can be ganged together in a single rack space. These new amps can also be combined with Crestron half-rack amps, the AMP-1200 and AMP-2100, for a 1 RU solution, or surface-mounted under a table.

The new line of Vector medium-throw loudspeakers are designed for use in large commercial spaces, such as auditoriums, lecture halls, corporate town halls and divisible rooms.

Crestron says the Avia Audio Tool provides a workspace that streamlines audio design and programming. New controls and functions can be added on-the-fly so programmers no longer need to “re-wire and recompile” to make changes.
Here are all the specs of each.