Crestron Adds Horizontal Sheers to Shading Solutions Lineup

Crestron announced today it is now shipping its horizontal sheers, the latest addition to its line of Crestron Shading Solutions. Horizontal sheers add flexible natural lighting control to any room or space. The specialized fabric contains horizontal fabric vanes that float between two layers of soft, knitted fabric to soften the view to the outside.

Available in sizes up to 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall, Crestron horizontal sheers can tilt open, closed or fully roll up to provide an unobstructed view. Light filtering (translucent) fabrics are available in 25 different colors/patterns. Room darkening (opaque) fabrics are available in 11 colors. The large 2.5” vanes provide approximately 1.25″ view-through. Crestron horizontal sheers come with special fascia with fabric inserts that match the vanes.

Like all Crestron motorized shading solutions, horizontal sheers utilize the patented Crestron Digital QMT Shade Motor to deliver silent yet robust operation, and are compatible with all QMT 3 Series Architectural Shade motor Hardware. Here are all the options.