Covid Offers a Shielded Version of the Active Optical HDMI Cable

Covid has announced a new addition to its line of AOC cable products. The new Shielded Active Optical HDMI Cable offers many of the same benefits as Covid’s other AOC cable products. These include usage in longer distance applications and a plenum rating. What makes these AOC cables different is that they support HDMI 2.0. In addition, they have an overall shielding and a durable metal connector shell. The overall shield helps make the cable suitable for sensitive installations including some medical applications.

While AOC cables offer many benefits opposed to full copper cables, one potential downfall is most cannot be used outside of point-to-point applications. With the introduction of this new shielded AOC cable, they now are not bound by the point-to-point restriction and can be used in a variety of applications. This will, of course, all depend on resolution and the source/display devices being used. If there is any multi-point application problems, Covid recommends purchasing their active pigtail product with your AOC cable. This HDMI pigtail offers an easy solution when using multi-point applications with any Covid AOC cable products.

Here are the specs.