Could Panasonic Hold the Key to the Future of the Shopping Mall?

experPanasonic System Solutions Company of North America announced a number of new visual solutions and services to help venues re-imagine attractions and welcome audiences in person. And, this could signal the future of what “experiences” will look like at shopping malls as more brick-and-mortar stores go online.

On July 1, 2021, as the Official Technology Partner of Illuminarium Experiences, a fully immersive 360-degree entertainment center, Panasonic’s visual technology will transport guests from Atlanta to Africa through WILD: The World’s First Virtual Safari. The 360-degree show enables spectators to experience lifelike encounters with animals during a virtual safari. The custom-engineered lens delivers lifelike projections and eliminates shadowing, ensuring images are projected in a crisp, clean and unobstructed manner.

“Our projectors are designed to create content and moments that transport guests out of their reality and into another dimension, in this case, a safari,” said Joe Conover, strategic manager, Panasonic-themed entertainment solutions, Panasonic. “By outfitting the entire show with Panasonic’s new customized short-throw lens, as well as 4K laser projectors, professional displays and PTZ cameras, Illuminarium is now able to provide and  quickly scale these fully native 4K spectacles, a very important step to making the fully immersive experience a reality.”


  • ET-D3QW200 Short-Throw Lens: The new ET-D3QW200 lens is ideal for events that encourage full immersion into content and require crystal clear images. The short-throw lens (0.55-0.65:1) allows audiences to approach content without casting a shadow, providing full top-to-bottom screen coverage with zero offset. The Active Focus Optimizer keeps the image pin-sharp while the L-shaped design helps to reduce the amount of installation depth.
  • Show Quality Support Services: Panasonic’s Early Warning and Control Software (EWS) offers a proactive solutions approach to ease control functions and provide operational efficiency to ensure consistent color, brightness and blending. Illuminarium Experiences is using these services to ensure the production is “show ready” from day one.
  • PT-RDQ10 Series 1-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE 4K Laser Projectors: Ideal for live entertainment, exhibition and museum venues, the new PT-RDQ10 Series projectors bring a new level of realism to events. Colors are in detailed 4K resolution from Smooth Pixel Drive technology, providing a close-up and immersive experience.
  • The PT-RDQ10 Series: The Series reduces logistic and installation hassles with new features and workflow improvements, including the “Smart Projector Control” application and Near Field Communication function. These features make it easy to read and change basic setups by holding a mobile device against the projector’s touchpoint. The new Remote Preview function makes it possible to check the content signal remotely via multi-media control software or a web browser. Panasonic’s pre-activated Geometry Manager Pro upgrade software streamlines even the most complex edge-blending and projection-mapping installations.
  • The PT-RDQ10 Series: Projectors offer 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free 24/7 operation thanks to an air-tight and dust-resistant optical unit and cooling system. The PT-RDQ10 Series provides installation flexibility as well as compatibility with a wide range of our 1-Chip DLP lens options. When paired with the optional ET-DLE020 Ultra Short-Throw Lens, additional versatility is possible, enabling images to be projected in extremely tight spaces while minimizing on-screen shadows for an exceptional and quality viewing experience. Brightness ranges from 8,000lm to 10,000lm. All models are available in compact and lightweight black or white cabinets and will be available in October 2021.
  • Performance Enhancements for KAIROS Live Video Production Platform: Panasonic announced new upgrades to KAIROS. The next-generation live production platform includes a more powerful mainframe option that doubles the processing capacity for twice the total available layers/keys. It also offers an expansion in standard HD and 4K inputs/outputs and increased video and still image recording capacity. With the increase in demand for hybrid remote video production, KAIROS Core 1000 also expands RTP/SRT/RTMP streaming from six to eight inputs with two outputs.

“With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, KAIROS is fully customizable, encompasses everything needed to adapt to any live production scenario, and provides the tools needed to create a highly engaging and visually stimulating production,” said Michael Bergeron, senior category owner, production systems, Panasonic.