Cosmic Truss Launches Complete Range of Wind-Up Stands

Cosmic-Truss-Crank-Stands-0114Cosmic Truss has launched a new full line of windup stands, adding to its existing range of truss and support structures. The range starts with the compact and lightweight CT-1 unit, which features a lift height of 12.5 feet and a load capacity of 275 lbs. Each stand in the range offers a unique combination of height and weight ratings with a number of common safety features included with every stand. The CT-2 and CT-3 stands both have a reach of 17.5 feet, with load capacities of 275 lbs. on the CT-2 and a whopping 551 lbs. on the CT-3. The CT-2 offers its reach and load, for a stand weight of just 90 lbs. making it also extremely portable.

Additional features on the CT-3 and the CT-4 include the ability to determine the order in which the tower sections rise. The CT-4 is perfect for heavy loads that need high reaches, with a maximum height of more than 21 feet and a load capacity of 485 lbs. The new line also includes the CT-5, a front loading stand for underhung items such as speaker arrays and has a reach of more than 21 feet and a load capacity of 529 lbs.

The company website is here.