Coretronic Reveals Future Store Scenario, Immersive Curved Interactive Wall and 4K Signage Display Solutions at 2018 ISE

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) saw Coretronic Corporation’s vision for the future store scenario, an immersive curved interactive wall and a seamless signage display as well as a family of 4K digital signage display products.

In the future, facial recognition and cloud services will become the next baseline in the retail industry. The scenario for a future store allowed everyone to experience the fruits of Coretronic’s many years of investment in cloud, big data analysis and smart interactive service solutions. In addition, the exclusive “Smart Seamless Signage Display Solutions” developed in response to the needs of the multi-display market can be run continuously for 20,000 hours, and supports all kinds of multimedia advertising devices and one-button configurations. Installation difficulty and costs are reduced, lowering the entry threshold for the multi-display advertising market.

For enterprise and education applications, Coretronic has developed the World’s shortest 4K UST laser projectors. The U50K platform is designed for conference rooms and can deliver a visual extravaganza rivaling that of large screens even when only 10cm away from the wall. Projections can therefore be easily displayed even in a limited space. Moreover, the “Immersive Curved Interactive Wall” was also developed for the enterprise and education industries. An extremely large interactive touch screen combined with ultra-short-throw laser projectors can be customized for a variety of application scenarios. When used with a digital white-board that allows multiple devices to receive and store captured data simultaneously, the creation of a truly interactive environment is no longer out of reach.

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