Coretronic Goes All-Out on Interactivity! Fully-Automatic Image Blending Recreates Historic Artwork on 7m Ultra-Short-Throw Interactive Projection Screen

Coretronic Corporation has been given permission by Taiwan’s National Palace Museum to create a projection of the renowned painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” using the company’s proprietary ultra-short-throw 1080p laser projectors, featuring proprietary automated image blending technology.

The Qing Dynasty version of the painting used here was created by five imperial palace painters including Chen Mu in 1736, the first year of the Qianlong Era, and was styled after the original Song Dynasty painting by Zhang Zeduan. The 7m-long interactive, finely-detailed display will convey the full glory of Beijing during the Qingming Festival.

To demonstrate the benefits that the intuitive, high-precision 30-point touch control offered by rollable capacitive touch technology can offer the electronic signage applications market, three interactive games are on display at the show as well. The ability for several people to play the interactive games together simultaneously will make it one of the highlights of the show.

These displays incorporate the stitched display touch control component that received an innovative product award in 2016. Integrated cameras give each projector its own eyes and a proprietary automated software algorithm enables one-touch automatic blending and calibration of images. Video signal transmission, control and power supply can all be integrated into a single RJ-45 line. This not only reduces the image blending time by 98% and lowers setup and maintenance costs by over 50%, but also solves problems such as signal degradation and hardware compatibility. It can be combined to create screens over ten meters in width, or even 360-degree surround projections. The large display size and touch controls offer immersive visual experiences and the best interactive touch control on the market. Coretronic is the only projection solution vendor in the stitched display market capable of integrating image processing, cabling and display equipment that provides the user with a true multi-camera, one cable total solution for automated image blending.

President S.Y. Chen of Coretronic’s Visual Solutions Business Group stated that the company is committed to the pursuit of innovation and technological breakthroughs; it not only strives to meet the latest market requirements but can also identify potential requirements that others miss. By revolutionizing or creating a new industry, Coretronic can build a new ecosystem where everyone wins.