Convergent Tech Interview #3: Cisco’s Gary Hall, Chief Technology Officer – Federal Defense

When you look at certain individuals who have been influential in the audio visual industry, there are those who have contributed in numerous high level ways. Gary Hall is certainly one of those individuals who has made major contributions and continues to be held in high regard by many in the industry. Along with being an executive with Cisco, Gary is also on the board of directors of InfoComm International.

Gary Hall Headshot.jpg

Along with his notoriety in the collaboration space, he is also expert in the Internet of Everything (IoE) to go along with other important technologies. Here is a statement from Gary’s recent Cisco blog #InternetofEverything – Where Connections and Value Intersect.:

The evolution of the Internet is a combination of integrative factors that improve connectivity, create networked economies and build immersive experiences to create an increasingly connected world known as the Internet of Everything (IoE). IoE brings together people, processes, data and things through networked connections. These connections offer value by turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences and unprecedented economic opportunities. 

In this Convergent Tech interview, Gary and I discussed his current position with Cisco, The Internet of Everything, cybersecurity and more technology subjects, as well as his being a noted speaker and writer. Lastly, we talked about the overall experience in his association with the AV industry and collaboration to go along with his added focus to IoE, fog computing, big data, cybersecurity and more — all excellent insights from a  well-known Cisco and AV industry executive.

Here is my video interview with Gary Hall.