Convergent Tech Interview #2: Lifesize’s Video Evangelist Simon Dudley

coreymoss-simen-0215A question was posed to and answered by a well-known person in the videoconferencing and collaboration industry and here is what Simon Dudley, the Video Evangelist for Lifesize had to say to the following:

How Will Demand for Video Conferencing Evolve in 2015?

The demise of the cubicle – and the rise of open floor plans – means that more work gets done in small huddle rooms than ever before. Imagine 4-7 people gathering to brainstorm the next big idea, kick off a campaign or launch a project. They aren’t meeting huddled around their desk or in a conference room that seats 20. They are often moving to small meeting rooms, rooms built for collaboration, to draw on the whiteboard, share an excel spreadsheet and review a product.

The shift to the small room creates a tremendous opportunity for video conferencing to evolve in 2015. Not only do these rooms need video conferencing solutions that are reliable and high quality but they also need to allow employees to use their computers to present and share information. What does that mean? Video conferencing will evolve to put the choice back with the people- the choice of presenting directly from their PC/Mac or with their preferred collaboration applications – including Microsoft® Lync®, Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber®  WebEx® and GoToMeeting®, Skype™, or our personal favorite, Lifesize Cloud.

I interviewed Simon recently for my Convergent Tech Project and the result was a very in-depth discussion on the industry, collaboration, millenials and more.