Control4 Unveils PowerPak Line of Power Control Devices for the Connected Home

Control4 today announced the new Pakedge PowerPak family of power control devices. Enabling Control4 and Pakedge dealers to remotely remediate problems and avoid costly onsite service visits, PowerPak PDUs provide centralized power control and management with surge protection for all equipment in a connected home. BakPak-enabled, dealers can monitor and manage PowerPak PDUs for their entire customer base in a single interface.

New features of the PowerPak line include thresholds for current and voltage draw, and self-healing (that’s their term) for non-responsive devices. The Pakedge PowerPak PDUs have built-in UL1449 surge protection to safeguard connected equipment against power spikes. The new PDUs also leverage SafeStart boot sequencing to power on devices such as modems, routers, and switches in the appropriate order – ensuring proper reset and optimal functionality. The PowerPak family of power control devices consists of 9 outlets for the US and North America, and 8 with IEC plugs for international markets.

Power monitoring and control is the first-line of defense in bringing a system or device back online. Devices powered with a PowerPak PDU can be managed in a group or individually with port-level control and monitoring. Using BakPak, technicians can now define voltage and current thresholds for connected devices, receiving alerts if a device exceeds these thresholds and may be experiencing issues.

PowerPak outlets are individually controllable through telnet or web browser, and can also be pre-programmed. An all-new Control4 driver enables automated and programmed outlet control within a Control4 project, allowing dealers to add intelligent power control to any device not connected to the network. Locally, PowerPak PDUs self-heal devices that have become non-responsive to network pings by cycling power to a troubled device.

Available and shipping today, the new PowerPak 9 and PowerPak 8i list for $600 US. More information is here.