Control4 Launches Triad Multi-Room Audio Line and Expanded Music Service Integrations with iHeartRadio and Spotify

Control4 Corporation today announces the immediate availability of an extensive Triad-branded line of high-resolution audio products. The new line includes the Triad AMS-24 and AMS-8 Audio Matrix Switches, Triad 8-Zone Power Amplifier, and Triad One Streaming Amplifier. Control4 has also added two music services with native integration into Control4 EA Controllers including iHeartRadio and Spotify. Over 65 percent of Control4 homeowners enjoy multi-room audio, affirming entertainment as a fundamental feature of a Control4 Smart Home. To enhance the audio experience for customers, in January 2016, Control4 introduced its EA Series controllers featuring high-resolution audio. Furthering its commitment to high-quality audio, in February 2017, the company acquired Triad Speakers, Inc., a leader in advanced speaker technology with best-in-class, custom speaker solutions.
Recognizing that dealers need audio solutions for large and small projects that deliver multi-room optimization and clean sound, Control4 rolls out two new high-resolution audio matrix switches that enable homeowners to enjoy music from 8 to 96 separate zones anywhere in the home. The Triad Audio Matrix Switches distribute audio sources throughout the home so that homeowners can listen to any source in any room, in stunning, ultra-clear, high-resolution. Equipped with digital coaxial, optical, and analog inputs to connect a broad range of source devices, the new audio matrix switches deliver an astounding -105 dB signal-to-noise ratio to maintain sound quality throughout the home. Each audio output can be adjusted with independent gain, bass, treble, 10-band parametric equalizer, balance, loudness, and mono-summing controls for precise audio customization in each room or audio zone. The ultra-compact design conserves precious rack space utilizing only 1RU and 2RU for the AMS-8 and AMS-24, respectively.
The new Triad Audio Matrix Switches can be paired with the new Triad 8-Zone Power Amplifier (AMP-8) to deliver flexible and scalable audio amplification for installations of any size. The Triad AMP-8 delivers eight zones of high-resolution amplification with an extraordinary -109 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 0.003 percent total harmonic distortion for exceptional audio throughout the entire home. The AMP-8 is designed to centralize audio amplification, hiding away clutter and electronics while delivering exceptional high-resolution sound for the entire home. The compact design is built around proven, powerful and reliable ICEpower technology delivering 100 watts per channel from eight zones and only 1RU of rack space. When extra power is needed, AMP-8 is bridgeable to 200 watts per channel. Superior audio quality and fast wake-from-standby make this amplifier ideal for audio in any home.
Triad One is a single-zone, high-resolution, wired and wireless streaming amplifier. It is slim and powerful and the most flexible way to put music in any room of a home. Simply plug in power and connect to a wired or wireless network, connect it to the Control4 system, and the Triad One can play music, from local files or streaming music services, without the need to pull speaker wire back to a central location. Triad One boasts 100 watts of power per channel with an impressive -107 dB signal-to-noise level and support for high-resolution audio playback up to 192kHz/24bit, for incredible sound in any room. Also included is a built-in 10-band parametric equalizer delivering exceptional sound output and room optimization.
Equipped with digital and analog audio inputs, the Triad One distributes and synchronizes local audio sources, such as television audio, turntable or media players, over the IP network throughout a larger audio system. Triad One is a great solution to power speakers and soundbars in a bedroom, kitchen or other location and includes IR outputs to control TVs and other local devices. A line-level subwoofer output rounds out the Triad One for deep bass when connected to a powered subwoofer. Triad One is available in white and black and can be installed horizontally or vertically on either a bookshelf, mounted behind a TV, or in the rack.
Control4’s new Triad audio solutions are shipping today worldwide and are priced as follows: Triad AMS-24 ($2,400 U.S. list) and Triad AMS-8 ($1,200 U.S. list) Audio Matrix Switches; Triad 8-Zone Power Amplifier ($1,700 U.S. list); Triad One Streaming Amplifier ($700 U.S. list). Here are all the specs.