Control4 Debuts Triad Garden Array Outdoor Audio Solution

Control4 Corporation just showed the new Triad Garden Array outdoor speakers, a family of all-weather, landscape speakers that include a satellite speaker (GA4 SAT) and subwoofer (GA10 SUB) designed to be placed throughout flower beds or around the yard to blanket outdoor spaces.

Each of the GA4 SAT speakers includes a Triad-exclusive, 4.5-inch Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) driver. Through a 150-degree field of coverage, the GA4 SAT is purpose-built for the outdoors as Garden Array speakers have an all-weather exterior to withstand hot or cold, rain and snow, dry or humid conditions; the sealed enclosure resists dust, bugs and critters. With a low-profile design, the GA4 SAT is shaped to resemble landscape lighting and blend into flower beds and gardens.

The Triad GA10 Subwoofer is engineered to produce full, dynamic bass that reaches deep, precise notes and can be installed freestanding or concealed underground. The sub has been designed to be buried in the yard using Triad’s optional underground kit, which only shows its discrete, acoustically-ideal small mushroom port above ground or it can be installed on a porch or deck as a free-standing, down-firing subwoofer using the optional foot kit. And it’s powered by the Triad RackAmp 300 dedicated amplifier.

Here are all the details.