Control4 CEO Will West Resigns

plaehn-west-1213Control4’s long-time Chairman (10 years) and co-founder, Will West, resigned last Monday — two days before Christmas.

Will, who was the company’s chairman of the board of directors and its chief strategy officer, made a ton of money with Control4. No other company in our industry has been so perfectly groomed for an IPO — and it was always planned that way (Control4 went public in August of this year). Will and Eric Anderson, his co-founder, set up and built Control4 to be the consumer version of what AMX was in the ProAV market — in fact, they both came from AMX. They left to start PHAST Corporation (which was later purchased by AMX and is what caused AMX to change its name to Panja — remember that?).

Eric and Will went on to found STSN, now known as iBAHN, (the hotel industry’s first high-speed internet provider for hotel room guests) and after selling that company, they founded Control4.

Control4, founded in 2003, is known for delivering affordable automation and control of lighting, music, video, HVAC, security and energy management systems to homes and small businesses. Control4 products are sold through both custom integrators and retail outlets.

West is succeeded by company president and CEO Martin Plaehn, who will step into the role as chairman.

Control4 is here.