Contacta Systems Ltd Introduces V-22 to Hearing Loop Driver Series

V22 large area loop driverAssistive listening specialists Contacta Systems Ltd have added to their V-Series of large area hearing loop drivers with the introduction of the V22. A significant upgrade on the V15, the V22 offers greater power and more than double the current, meaning it can power significantly larger loop systems.

This latest model, from the British manufacturer, has been designed around the features of its best-selling V Series drivers and includes a Class D amplifier output stage, DSP-controlled automatic gain control, continuous self-testing and integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage, short circuit and DC detection.

Two separate inputs with a variety of options, including a 100V line-in, give the new V22 increased versatility. Its extra voltage and current offers coverage more than five times that of other models in the range, at up to 961 sqm.

Head of New Business Development at Contacta, Ran Meyrav, said, “The V22 is a real step up in terms of power and efficiency. It gives installers an option for larger venues with a variety of layout options, while still being simple to set up and operate. High-quality performance and ease of use are always the main focus of our design process.”

Contacta has seen a steep increase in demand for its hearing loop products with the easing of lockdown. As entertainment venues, community halls and conference centres welcome visitors back in, installation appointments have soared as well as audits of existing systems that have remained unused for the past 18 months.

“Now that venues are reopening, we’re seeing demand for loop drivers increase in every continent,” said Ran. “This is an ideal time to launch the new model.”

Contacta has a 50 year history in the assistive listening technology industry. Their products can be found on every high street and in many of the UK’s leading retailers. They have a global presence with their product sold in six continents.

The V22 is currently available to pre-order with supply planned from September.