The Consequence of Wireless? WIRES!

Welcome to the future.

I imagine that my household is typical of many, in that there are multiple smartphones and tablets in use by members of the family.

In fact, despite a big flat panel TV in the media room and a less-big one on the wall in the living room, mobile devices are the primary vector for people in our house to consume entertainment.

Despite the fact that all these mobile devices are networked via WiFi there is one very real consequence to having all these wireless mobile devices.


There are chargers literally all over the house. Chargers at the bedside tables. Chargers beside the laptops at the desk. Chargers in the kitchen. And, most importantly, beside the sofas.

The charging cord situation in my house has long since gotten out of control. It’s like a jungle in here, where the creeping vines are all Lightning cables.

There are however some been some changes I’ve been made that have helped manage the chaos.

One of the end tables in the living room is a lot less cluttered thanks to the addition of a seven-device charging station.

And at my desk, a six-output USB charging hub has freed up more 120v outlets on the power strip.

And in the living room, ten-foot Lighting cables at each end of both sofas has done an amazing amount to reduce bickering between my kids.

Ten foot charging cables are something you don’t realize you can’t live without until you finally see them.