Connecti Releases Software Platform for Education and Hybrid Learning

ConnectConnecti just announced its software platform, designed specifically for education. Connecti is a software solution built to leverage existing PCs in the room to deliver seamless hybrid learning for in-class and remote students. Connecti virtualizes physical teaching tools and makes them available in both software applications (e.g., Zoom and Microsoft Teams) and lecture-capture applications to convert teaching spaces into HyFlex (hybrid-flexible) environments with minimal reconfiguration and cost.

Connecti virtualizes physical teaching tools — such as document cameras, wireless presenters, microphones and cameras — and enables them to be centrally configured via a Windows application. Once configured, each source can operate as a standard Windows application (like Microsoft PowerPoint or Word). Connecti can distribute the physical teaching tools simultaneously to multiple sources, including in-room video displays, videoconferencing platforms and lecture-capture solutions (e.g., Panopto).

Today’s current higher education classrooms are built around pedagogies for in-class students. They include tools like document cameras, whiteboards and simple laptop connections to support the educator in how they convey information to their students. The introduction of HyFlex environments adds video conferencing platforms, cameras and microphones to the traditional classroom; therefore, it has become increasingly challenging for educators to deliver the same caliber of content to both in-class and remote students at the same time, often leading to negative student and educator experiences.

Utilizing an existing resident PC, Connecti recognizes video devices (e.g., video cameras, document cameras, microscopes and HDMI inputs via USB capture appliance) and allows the educator to stream these teaching tools simultaneously to third-party video conferencing and lecture-capture platforms. Leveraging the simplicity of the Windows environment, it’s easy to change sources by minimizing or maximizing each source, represented as a thumbnail in the Windows taskbar. Source configuration can be saved and managed remotely through the cloud.

Built for the enterprise, Connecti can be deployed across existing PC hardware, with monthly licensing solutions that can be easily scaled for facilities adding or removing HyFlex learning spaces. Connecti is available to new users as a 12-month five-pack solution for $1,500.00, which includes access to the Connecti Onboarding Program. The program helps users understand the existing environment and works with them to design the best method for deploying and evaluating the first five licenses.

Connecti is here: