Conferencing Demo Features Mayo Clinic Docs, Execs From InfoComm, PolyVision, Sony

While a lot of technology is shown at InfoComm, it’s a rare opportunity to actually see it in action. That’s why the conference at the PolyVision booth was so special. Not only did we hear how AV technology is used in medicine, we heard, and saw, the live discussion on a PolyVision Thunder and Sony IPELA systems.

The conference was held on the large PolyVision stage and was hosted by reporter Mary Alice Williams and featured, on stage, Marvin Mitchell, Chair of the Division of Media Support Services, Mayo Clinic, PolyVision’s President Mike Dunn, InfoComm’s Executive Director Randal Lemke, and Sony’s Senior Marketing Manager for IPELA, Peter Brinkman. And live from The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, were Dr. Christopher Moir, Pediatric Surgeon, Mayo Clinic; lead surgeon in the recent separation surgery of conjoined twins Abbigail and Isabelle Carlsen, and Lee Aase, Manager, Media Relations and Research Communications, The Mayo Clinic.

During the live Q&A session, the Maya Clinic doctors discussed how AV technology helps them in their everyday practice of medicine, and specifically, how it helped during the planning of the surgery to separate conjoined twins Abbigail and Isabelle Carlsen. The doctors at the Mayo Clinic appeared on a huge screen on the stage as they talked about how advances in 3D and high definition are having a huge positive impact on medicine.

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