Comprehensive Intros 4K 18G HDMI Splitter Family

Comprehensive launches their new family of Pro AV/IT 18G 4K HDMI Splitters. This new family of 18G UHD HDMI Splitters is made up of the CDA-HD12018G (1×2), CDA-HD14018G (1×4) and CDA-HD18018G (1×8) and all support UHD 4K @ 60Hz 2160p (4:4:2).

Comprehensive‘s HDMI 1×2, 1×4 and 1×8 Splitters distribute one HDMI input to two, four or eight simultaneous HDMI outputs. They also support HDCP 2.2, smart EDID control, 3D, 12-bit Deep Color as well as high definition lossless audio. These Splitters support video signals up to UHD 4K@60Hz (YUV444), and are capable of receiving and transmitting up to 18Gbps of bandwidth with no data loss. In addition, the HDMI splitters have a slim chassis design with an enclosure made of durable metal.

Here are the features:

  • Distribute one HDMI input to two, four or eight simultaneous HDMI outputs
  • Supports Ultra-HD resolutions up to 4k2k@60Hz with 12 bit YCBCR 4:4:4 and VESA mode video format up to QSXGA@60Hz
  • Wide frequency range: 25MHz – 600MHz
  • Compliant with DVI 1.0, HDMI 1.4b (1080p@60Hz) and HDMI 2.0a specification
  • Integrated HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.2 decryption/encryption engines
  • LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio support, and HD lossless audio
  • Smart EDID control
  • Metal Enclosure

Here are the details.