Flash Fiction Friday — Community, Hashtags, and The Future of AV!

av-selfie-0515This will be one of two upcoming Flash Fiction Fridays dealing with the moon, and more science-fictional than my usual fare. As readers of this blog know, I not only work in the audiovisual field, but also have a somewhat active presence in the AV online community, including occasional appearance on AV-related podcasts, this blog, and the AV twitterati. AV twitter peeps (referring to ourselves with the hashtag #AVTweeps).

One thing at which some AVTweeps have done an excellent job is the creation of community through shared experiences — often trivial ones. Last year at Infocomm (the annual AV tradeshow) Chris Neto came up with the idea for the “#AVSelfie” hashtag; people were encouraged to take selfies either at the show or with AV equipment. There was even, believe it or not, a music video. If you don’t blink you’ll see your favorite pixel-and-inkstained wretch, taking a selfie at the moment the song premiered (on the AVWeek podcast).

More recently, there’s a weekly #AVHashtags game, a weekly joke hashtag with which we AVTweeps play. We’ve had AVTVshows, we’ve ReplacedAVWithFruit, and other silliness.

This year’s game was #Infocomm2099 — imagining the AV industry through a trade show nearly 75 years in the future. I love the future, and like the idea of using small details from press-releases, foot-notes, and what would be other “found” writing to sketch a picture of future worlds. This is too much to cram into 140 characters on Twitter, so I give to you the following Two Excerpts from the Infocomm2099 Program.



“Two Excerpts from the Infocomm2099 program”

Training, Day 1
Tuesday, 9 am
Vid127 (Video, Intermediate), Instructor: Glenn Yorreazz. Use of standing tachyon waves to achieve lip-sync in non-deterministic video systems

  • For as long as video streaming has been with us, so too have lip-sync issues. Explore the use of time itself to solve the conumdrum!

Net103 (Network, Basic), Instructor: Jarash Gosou. Mystifying Time-Aware Networks.

  • Explore the metaphysics behind this newest incarnation of the soon-to-be-adopted TAW suite of IEEE protocols. Originally introduced as audiovideo bridging, this is a technology whose time has come. Learn why you’ll expect to start seeing TAW products next year.

Aud322 (Audio, Advanced), Instructor Glenn Yorreazz. Catching the retro “wave” – the use of air pressure waves as an audio transport tool

  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges inherent in this age-old alternative to subcutaneous speaker implants or direct neural transmission.

Vid127 (Video, Basic): Instructor Marco Knox. Quantum Entanglement and HDCP7.2

  • Understand the physics behind the newest digital content protection standard, including a discussion of the continuing issues we have with the HDMI9.7 standard which still lacks a locking connector.

Gen133 (General, intermediate): Instructor, Glenn Yorreazz: Time Management Techniques

  • Learn how the instructor is using temporal fugue to teach three simultaneous courses while walking the show-floor and visiting the nearby theme park.


Special Event: Lunar Projection Mapping

Congratulations to the InfoComm member known as AVSunrise, of NewBoston. In a first, her winning design will be projected onto the moon itself using multiple banks, Sircthie Digital’s new advanced TurboLaser projectors, placed throughout the hemisphere. See the following Q&A with Sirchtie spokesman Dick Bowlerton.

Q: Tell us about this project.
A: The TurboLASER projector is a first in its class. Centuries-out-of-date regulations limit use of LASER light in earth-based projection, but sending light to the moon is safe and effective.

Q: Tell us a bit about the technology.
A: Light engines are located at various generation hubs (i.e., Pacific tidal generators, Hoover Dam), with light pumped to transmission units via fiber optics. We’d planned a field-trip to the Southwest Windfarms, but the prototype wasn’t read last year and this, as you know, is an Orlando year.

Q: How do you answer concerns that the focused energy would be any danger to the newly active Lunar tectonics, and the lawsuits threatening to shut the project down?
A: This is very, very highly unlikely. Our engineers are confident that the moon will survive! If it doesn’t survive, out multi-body algorithm will be quite well suited for projecting images on the ensuing dust cloud. Just kidding about that last part. But it really would work.

Q: What else is new from Sirchtie?
A: Interplanetary mapping is a big thing. More of this will be detailed in the free interactive neural upload “Book of Explorations,” including a new plan to “paint” canals on the surface of Mars, several major advertising initiatives, and a few surprises. At last, we can see the world as we see it in our imaginations. Expect new wonders, new miracles. The world is our canvas.