College London Partners with Reflex New Tech Rooms


Imperial College London completed a new installation for its Business School. Reflex, Imperial’s integration partner, managed the project that consists of two new areas; a Harvard-style teaching room/lecture theatre and a multi-modal collaborative space. In the latter, Reflex designed an area that can be used as a single large room or two smaller teaching spaces via a folding partition. On each side, a curved LCD wall has been installed with 16 ultra-narrow bezel 55-inch panels (NEC UN552VS) configured as four 4K UHD displays.

Peerless-AV’s SmartMount Full Service Video Wall Mounts with Quick Release (DS-VW765-LQR) were chosen as the mounting solution for the 32 panels. The video walls are recessed in wooden frames and users can articulate the display for servicing and maintenance by gently pressing on its front. The collaborative learning displays give groups the ability to each work on an independent display while the lecturer shares content between groups or to the whole room. Zoom calls can also be fed into the system for multi-modal teaching for remote participants.

Casestudy2“Reflex uses Peerless-AV mounts as standard for LCD video walls,” Andi Allan, head of design at Reflex, said. “They’re straightforward to specify, stock availability is good, and there are detailed, accurate CAD drawings showing the full range of articulation. We are always confident they will work for the project.”