Collaboration Squared Upgrades “Always On” Video Window Portal

collaboration squared video window

Collaboration Squared has upgraded its always-on videoconferencing portal Video Window.

Video Window is a platform that creates an extension of physical space for inter-office and remote employee communication. The new Video Window Office adds features attention-grabbing features by allowing users to tap on the screen to “knock” to the far side. (No calls to set up, no links to join — just click “join audio,” and you are on.) Video Window Remote works on a laptop or desktop computer and allows home-based employees to feel present and connected with coworkers.

Video Window is not just another “videoconferencing app,” according to Collaboration Squared. It was created instead to connect two or more office common areas, to make it feel like you are in the same physical space. Typically Video Window is installed on large 55”+ displays in either landscape or portrait. The working hours are preconfigured to automate the process of the always-on connections completely.

One of the main focuses of the platform is how the audio functions for privacy. While the video may be on for the day, the audio is off by default. Each device audio is separated, meaning colleagues can have side conversations throughout the day without disturbing the rest of the group.

The remote team members start the day with video off but can see live statuses of their other teammates and devices in their assigned group. When they are ready to get on video, they just click on a video toggle switch and are instantly in. They can turn the video feed off and on throughout the day as they wish.

Per Collaboration Squared, always-on doesn’t mean unsecured. From an IT security standpoint, you can talk only with people and devices within your specific group, administered via a central management console. Only registered authenticated users and devices can join the Video Window session to ensure no unwanted guests.