Collaboration Squared Launches Portrait Mode for Video Window

Collaboration Squared Video Window Portrait Mode

New York, New York, Dec. 12th, 2019 – Collaboration Squared announced today the launch of
Portrait Mode for Video Window.

Video Window is the world’s first immersive always-on video conferencing portal for teams that
enhances human connection, collaboration and improves multi-location team performance.
Customers love how personal Video Window feels and how it helps the relationships they form
with their colleagues. That’s why we created Portrait Mode. To make personal interactions
more immersive and feel even more like the other person is standing right in front of you.

Portrait Mode for Video Window is especially useful for socializing in shared lounge, canteen,
and kitchen areas. It’s also ideal for team working areas if you’re tight on wall space.

No special hardware is required, you just turn your display on its side. Through special software
development the camera will remain in the upright position, especially important for when using
the external calling mode to Zoom, Webex, etc.
Daryl Hutchings, CEO of Collaboration Squared, creators of Video Window states “It blows me
away the reaction people have the first time they see Video Window. People love the feeling of
personal connection it gives them and Portrait Mode is a natural extension of this, it’s our most
immersive experience yet.”