Coffee with Millenial-Z — Episode 4: Stressing about Stress

Coffee with Millenial-Z —

In this week’s episode of Coffee with Millennial-Z, catch Christa Bender with Pivot Communications and Khalil Pillai with Shac, Student Housing and Collective, as they talk about how polo, sticky notes, and a good personal reality check relieve their work stresses. 

With our Pro, Christa Bender, juggling her 9-5, being on countless AV committees, and staying involved of the rAVe podcast/blogger crew, she tells us even though sleep might be optional at times, you must take new career experiences by the horns and become great at what you do. There are worse things in the world to stress about.

Our Millennial, Khalil Pillai, agrees and puts an emphasis on also being able to balance personal life. With his 9-5-crossfit-polo-Shac-combo balancing act, he assures us “it is possible.” Stress is a big part of Millennials’ lives, which is why Khalil and Diana have created Shac. It is a stress reliever for students who are not only commuters finding living arrangements closer to school but need to be brought together with others in the community to accomplish common goals. 

24 hours might not be enough time in the day anymore in today’s work grind, but it is important during these moments of stress to manage your to-do’s with what you need to do vs. what you want to do. With Millennials being the most stressed out generation, we must question “Is this the cause of a new expectation in the work place?” Tune in as these well-rounded individuals explain how stress is inevitable, but your mentality goes a long way.

CwMZ’s Pro tip from Christa Bender: “Do your own path; take the road less traveled. Nothing can hold you back except yourself. You just have to figure out how you’re going to get there.”

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