Coffee with Millenial-Z — Episode 3: Choose Passion as your Career

Coffee with Millenial-Z —In this week’s episode of Coffee with Millennial-Z, catch Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe Publications, and Steven Rodriguez with a Fortune 500 tech company as they talk about the drastic generational changes in career value. Millennials thrive for the experience, not the money.

The Pro, Gary Kayye, gives details about his experience with Millennials, and his encouragement to cultivate their level of passion. We rAVe about certifications and how it is the fastest way for a Millennial to accelerate through an industry which frankly has a huge shortage of the young talent. Millennials are under served in the industry, when all they want to do is feel like they are part of something and make a change. There is a difference in goals between the generations, and we need to understand how to communicate with them. “Adapt or die!”

The Millennial, Steven Rodriguez, also gives us his story about entering the technology industry and his thoughts about the new generation’s approach in their career search. Millennials encourage Generation Z to look for what they want to do and question what makes them happy. Steven explains that his talks with his younger sisters lead to making sure they identify what motivates them and supports the idea of having an experience with a company. His attraction towards the technology industry was driven by knowing he could help people connect with the tools they own and making sure his voice was heard; “it’s only heard because I am a leader with my certifications.” Mentors have helped Steven succeed in his career, and he encourages others to reach out to a mentor and share a cup of coffee.

CwMZ’s Pro tip from Gary Kayye: “You have to put yourself out there and not be willing to say, ‘I need some help.’”

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