Coffee With Millennial-Z — Episode 2: Spreading the Word

coffeewithmillenial-z750x400logoIn this week’s episode of Coffee with Millennial-Z, catch Mike Shinn with NSCA’s Ignite program and Cristina Zalucky with a Fortune 500 tech company talk about best ways of spreading the word about an industry that cannot market itself. Mike Shinn also gives details about the Ignite program’s successful launch: from students’ feedback and involvement to integrators’ and manufacturers’ participation. Is the AV industry going through an identity crises? We compare experiences from different sides of the spectrum of the tech industry. Cristina also gives us her story about breaking into the tech industry as a Millennial and her thoughts about the huge lack of exposure then in high schools towards the tech industry, and now the growing paths into breaking in. 

High school students- listen up to the many various outlets that can help you sprout in a career choice you’re already innately good at! Outlets now that are bringing awareness of the tech industry include NSCA’s Ignite program, after school activities (Hack-a-thons, Hour of Code programs), conferences, coding and robotics contests, career days, mentorship, shadowing, and many other hands on work. 

CwMZ’s Pro tip from Mike Shinn: “Get involved and stay involved!”

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