Coffee Coffee COFFEE!

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00664_00760We’ve all got passions in our life, the things that make life worth living.

At least, I know I do, and I hope that you do as well.

One of my passions is the AV business, as I’m sure you’re aware, since I blog and tweet about it pretty much constantly.

What you might not know is that another of my passions is coffee.

In fact, my love for coffee transcends passion, and could be described as a full blown obsession or even an addiction.

Fancy coffee, plain coffee, expensive coffee, cheap coffee, coffee made in expensive machines, coffee made in one-cup hotel-room coffee makers when Im on the road.

I think of myself as the Hunter S Thompson of coffee. So much so that I once wrote the following homage:

I had two bags of Fazenda, seventy-five Keurig cartridges, five bags of high powered Death Valley blend, a salt shaker half full of instant Espresso, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored chocolate and candy-coated espresso beans and also a quart thermos of iced espresso, one of iced Paradiso, a case of Tim Hortons, a pint of mocha ice cream in the cooler and two dozen Tossimo one-shots. Not that I needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious coffee collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

In fact, my two passions converge more often than they diverge. My work history is my coffee history, and vice versa.

At Sony, not one manager but two forbade me from using the stores coffee maker, because I made it so strong no one else could drink it.

The fact that one of my managers was from Turkey, and was no stranger to strong coffee from home should paint a picture for you of how strong I like it.

During the busy times, hustling on the retail sales floor, some days I was fueled by black coffee and little else.

At Christmas time, when things were really crazy, from open to close Id subsist on two things, chocolate covered coffee beans, and breath mints to cover the coffee bean stink.

Way back in the day, my old friend Chris Alexander, who for years was my Denon rep, and who eventually moved over to Samsung would always bring coffee for us on his store visits: Tim Hortons Double-Doubles (two cream, two sugars, in the parlance), and black for me.

That’s a habit of his that I’ve adopted, now that I work as a rep myself. I frequently bring coffee on my dealer visits. Its one of those little things that do an amazing job of breaking the ice.