Cloud Video Conferencing Leader Zoom Integrates Kubi from Revolve Robotics

phpHmVnZgAMSAN FRANCISCO and SAN JOSE, Calif. September 17, 2015 Revolve Robotics, a leading innovator in robotic telepresence, today announced seamless integration between the controls for Revolve’s innovative Kubi robotic telepresence platform and Zoom’s video client software. Zoom already delivers excellence in video, audio, and content sharing, and has now added greater engagement via robotic telepresence in the form of Kubi. These solutions combine to deliver telepresence to businesses, schools, healthcare institutions, and remote workers.

Kubi, which users can now experience within a Zoom meeting or webinar, leverages the conferencing capabilities of today’s tablets by introducing a robotic platform or cradle on which the tablet sits. The resulting telepresence robot is then “driven” by the remote video-conferencing participant. Kubi thus turns passive video conferencing callers into active participants, as remote callers use Kubi to “look around” the room and actively engage with meeting participants.

“With more than 115,000 businesses and 3,200 educational institutions using our solutions, we’re always looking for extra capabilities to keep them happy and push the innovation envelope,’” said Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom. “The added engagement that Kubi delivers enables us to close more deals and deliver more value to our customers in education, healthcare, and the enterprise.”

In order to implement this integration, the Zoom development team accessed the open Kubi Application Programming Interface (API), which enabled full integration of Kubi controls into Zoom’s video collaboration client. Now, Kubi can be controlled from any Zoom client, including mobile clients.

“With our API, Zoom has given its users the freedom to look around with Kubi,” said Marcus Rosenthal, Revolve Robotics’ co-founder and CEO. “Imagine homecare providers now with the ability to truly interact with clients. With Zoom’s broad support for multiple OS and the quality of its video client, they make an excellent complement to our robotic telepresence platform.”

The combined Zoom on Kubi solution is ideal for the collaboration market, as it delivers three significant benefits that differentiate it from video clients alone:

Zoom on Kubi dramatically improves the level of engagement: Compared to other telepresence options, Zoom on Kubi delivers a level of engagement that transforms the video collaboration experience. It forces passive listeners to become engaged participants – a critical element for teams interacting with remote workers.

Zoom on Kubi  delivers superior productivity: Zoom on Kubi removes all of the obstacles that make video collaboration difficult; the need to adjust screens, move tablets around, repeat your words again and again. Colleagues can interact with one another as if they were in the same room, enabling everyone to get more done. What’s more, users to “teleport” from one Zoom on Kubi to another, whether it’s in the next room or around the world.

Zoom on Kubi easily fits into the existing infrastructure of today’s enterprise:

Zoom on Kubi leverages the existing collaboration capabilities you already have

  • Integration with UC ecosystem
  • Works with today’s tablets
  • Zoom on Kubi is affordable

Zoom on Kubi is incredibly easy-to-use and maintain

About Revolve Robotics

Founded in 2013 by robotic entrepreneurs Marcus Rosenthal and Ilya Polyakov, Revolve Robotics is one of the world’s leading innovators in robotic telepresence. Revolve’s flagship platform, the KUBI, has been shipping worldwide since January 2014. KUBI means “neck” in Japanese, and it is a robotic tablet stand that gives you the freedom to interact while video conferencing. KUBI delivers robotic telepresence for telehealth, distance learning, remote working, concierge and other applications. Revolve Robotics is dedicated to creating smart, simple solutions to real problems, timeless design, and an elevated level of practicality and functionality. Revolve Robotics is a privately held company based in San Francisco. For more information, please visit us at