Clockaudio Launches Tri-Element Array Hanging C303-RF Microphone

clockaudio-c303-rf-0515Clockaudio’s newest is their C303-RF Tri-Element hanging microphone array. Designed for audio- or video- conferencing, the C303 offers consultants and designers a new option when specifying hanging microphones in applications. This new product features three high quality Cardioid capsules covering a 360 degree pick up pattern. Each independent capsule is RF immune, will capture approximately 120 degrees and is optimized for speech intelligibility.

The C303-RF is a non-proprietary microphone array, which makes it easy to install, and also compatible with all popular DSP units. For applications where table microphones are not an option, the C303-RF offers a great alternative to bring the microphone capsules closer to the participant, with a minimal foot print in the conference room.

The C303-RF microphone will ship by late June but you can see all the specs here.